Petition 90043

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CoWF - Traditional Plan #12 - Qualifications for Ministry - Par. 304.5 (90043-TC-ΒΆ304.5-G)

Amend ¶ 304.5 as follows:

5. In all votes regarding license, ordination, or conference membership, the requirements set forth herein are minimum requirements. Each person voting is expected to vote prayerfully based on personal judgment of the applicant’s gifts, evidence of God’s grace, and promise of future usefulness for the mission of the Church. The District Committee on Ordained Ministry and the Board of Ordained Ministry shall not approve or recommend any person for candidacy, licensing, commissioning, or ordination who does not meet the qualifications of ¶ 304.1-3, based on the full examination and thorough inquiry into the person’s fitness by the committee and board (see Judicial Council Decisions 1343 and 1344). The bishop presiding in the clergy session shall rule any such unqualified candidate out of order and not eligible to be acted upon.


Incorporates Judicial Council Decisions 1343, 1344, and 1352 in the Discipline, requiring district committees and boards of ordained ministry to fully examine candidates’ qualifications under ¶ 304.3. Guarding against non-conforming committees and boards of ordained ministry, this forbids them from approving or recommending persons found to be unqualified under that paragraph.

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