Petition 90040

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CoWF - Traditional Plan #9 - Composition of Board of Ordained Ministry - Par. 613.19 (90040-TC-ΒΆ613.19-G)

Amend ¶ 613.19 at its conclusion to state:

Every annual conference shall certify that the bishop has nominated only members of the Board of Ministry who will uphold, enforce, and maintain the Book of Discipline related to ordination and marriage of practicing homosexuals. Failure to do so shall result in The General Council on Finance and Administration withholding all funds from The United Methodist Church and withdrawing the annual conference’s ability to use the denominational cross and flame logo.


Guarding against non-conforming boards of ordained ministry, this provides that the annual conference ensures that the bishop has complied with the requirement to nominate only persons who are committed to upholding the Discipline to the board of ordained ministry, adding accountability for the annual conference as well.

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