Petition 90038

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CoWF - Traditional Plan #7 - Full Examination - Par. 635.2h (90038-TC-ΒΆ635.2h-G)

Amend by addition ¶635.2.h:

To examine all applicants as to their fitness for the ordained ministry and make full inquiry as to the fitness of the candidate for: (1) annual election as local pastor; (2) election to associate membership; (3) election to provisional membership; and (4) election to full conference membership. The Board of Ministry shall conduct an examination to ascertain whether an individual is a practicing homosexual, including information on social media, as defined by the Book of Discipline. The board shall certify that such an examination has occurred and its results. If it is determined as a matter of fact that an individual is a practicing homosexual, the board shall not recommend the individual to the clergy session of the annual conference for commissioning or ordination.


Incorporates Judicial Council Decisions 1343, 1344, and 1352 in the Discipline, requiring boards of ordained ministry to fully examine candidates’ qualifications under ¶ 304.3. Guarding against non-conforming boards of ordained ministry, this forbids boards from recommending persons found to be unqualified under that paragraph to the clergy session.

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