Petition 90033

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CoWF - Traditional Plan #2 - Episcopal Accountability - Par. 408.3 (90033-TC-ΒΆ408.3-G)

Amend by addition ¶ 408.3.c:

By a majority vote of those present and voting, the members of the Council of Bishops may place any bishop in the retired relation with or without their consent and irrespective of their age if such a relation is recommended by the council relations committee. The procedures for fair process in administrative hearings shall be followed in any involuntary retirement procedure (¶ 422.5). Written notice also should be given to the chairperson of the administrative review committee (¶ 422.6).


Additions to ¶¶ 408, 410, and 422 go together and create a process by which the Council of Bishops may hold one another accountable, based on the constitutional amendment to ¶ 50 that was ratified in 2017. This proposal includes assurances of Fair Process and enables greater consistency and uniformity of accountability . . .

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