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Petition 90032<< Back

CoWF - Traditional Plan #1 - Footnote 1 Qualifications for Ministry - Par. 304.3 (90032-TC-¶304.3-G)
Petition Status:Calendar Item
Petition Text:Submitted TextADCA p. 182
References:Book of Discipline: ¶304
Committee:The Committee
Financial Implications:No
Submitted by:
Commission on a Way Forward (General Agency)
Thomas A. Lambrecht
Spring, TX, USA

Calendar Item Status<< Back

CoWF - Traditional Plan #1 - Footnote 1 Qualifications for Ministry - Par. 304.3 (TC17-¶304.3-A-G)
Calendar Item Status:Committee Voted (Printed in DCA p. 384)
Calendar Item No:18
Petitions on Calendar:90032
Consent Calendar:Not assigned to a Consent Calendar.
Committee Motion:Move to Adopt
Committee Vote:
For: 461Against: 359Not Voting: 0
Vote Date and Time:2/25/2019 11:15 AM
Legislative Committee Report:

The Petition stands as submitted.

Legislative Committee Minority Report:

Amend by substitution the following petitions for petitions 90032-90040 and 90042-90047 as amended.

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Plenary Action Status<< Back

Last Vote Action:Vote on Main Motion
This motion was Adopted, with 438 votes for and 384 votes against.
Plenary Motions:
2/26/2019 12:01 PM
Amend the Main Motion by Substitution REJECTED 374-449

substitute the minority report for the main motion

2/26/2019 12:39 PM
Amend the Main Motion REJECTED 203-605

amend the petition after "she or he is a practicing homosexual," add "and is either living in an adulterous relationship, polyamorous relationship, or other deviation from any civil definition of marriage."

2/26/2019 2:14 PM
Amend the Main Motion REJECTED 356-463

Amend by deleting petition 90032 from the Traditional Plan wich reads:

Amend by addition footnote 1 attached to ¶ 304.3:

Self-avowed practicing homosexual” is understood to mean that a person openly acknowledges to a bishop, district superintendent, district committee of ordained ministry, Board of Ordained Ministry, or clergy session that the person is a practicing homosexual; or is living in a same-sex marriage, domestic partnership or civil union, or is a person who publicly states she or he is a practicing homosexual. See Judicial Council Decisions 702, 708, 722, 725, 764, 844, 984, 1020, 1341.

2/26/2019 4:57 PM
Vote on Main Motion ADOPTED 438-384