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General Conference 2019 Legislation Tracking -

2019 Legislation Tracking

Petition Packets

During General Conference, petition packets, including copies of each multiple submission, will be issued to the Committee on Reference and the legislative committees to which they are assigned. Any delegate desiring to see a petition packet may contact the petitions secretary.

Petition Text

Proposed deletions to existing material are indicated by strike through.
Proposed additions to existing material are indicated by single underline.
Each petition is numbered using the following code:

Petition Coding

First series of numbersChronological listing of petitions (begins with 90001)
First two lettersLegislative committee
Petition NumberPositions 1-5
Separator 1Position 6 Value “-”
Legislative Committee CodePositions 7-8
Separator 2Position 9 Value “-”

The type of petition determines the next several positions
Discipline paragraph number with Petition Symbol¶XXXX.XXXX
Or resolution numberRXXXX
R9999 indicates that a petition requests a new resolution.
Or the word, “NonDis” for a petition that does not deal with Discipline paragraphs or resolutions

Separator 3Next Available Position Value “-”
The type of petition determines the next position.
C” if a petition impacts the Constitution, all other petition types are not signified in the Petition Identification Code.

The financial indicator occupies the next available position.
Blank if petition does not impact budget.
Or “$” Financial Implications for an existing budget line item.
Or “!” if petition has Financial Implications for a new budget line item.

The global indicator code occupies the next available position.
Blank if petition does not impact the global church.
Or “G” if petition impacts the global church.

Legislative Committees

CAChurch and Society A
CBChurch and Society B
FAFinancial Administration
FOFaith and Order
GAGeneral Administration
GMGlobal Ministries
ICIndependent Commissions
JAJudicial Administration
LCLocal Church
MHMinistry and Higher Education

Standing Committee

CCCentral Conferences

General Agencies

CTConnectional Table
GBCSGeneral Board of Church and Society
GBODGeneral Board of Discipleship
GBGMGeneral Board of Global Ministries
GBHEMGeneral Board of Higher Education and Ministry
GBPHBGeneral Board of Pension and Health Benefits
GCAHGeneral Commission on Archives and History
GCOCGeneral Commission on Communications
GCFAGeneral Council on Finance and Administration
GCRRGeneral Commission on Religion and Race
GCSRWGeneral Commission on the Status and Role of Women
GCUMMGeneral Commission on United Methodist Men
GCUMWGeneral Commission on United Methodist Women
GBUMPHGeneral Board of The United Methodist Publishing House
OCUIROffice of Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships